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Price list ROCKEY and ePASS

quantity ROCKEY4 ROCKEY6 ePass2003
5 € 20 € 25 € 20
20 € 17 € 23 € 18
50 € 15 € 22 € 17
100 € 13 € 21 € 16
500 € 12 € 19 € 15
1000 € 11 € 18 € 14

Price list  Starter Kit

ROCKEY4 Start Kit (SDK with 5 dongles) € 100
ROCKEY6 SMART Start Kit (SDK with 5 dongles) € 125
ePass2003 Start Kit (SDK with 5 tokens) € 100

Price list  Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK ePass2003 € 20



Order ROCKEY or ePass products

At Novaris, we are committed to provide the most cost-effective security solutions together with fast delivery and quality after sales support for Europe and the rest of the world.

  • First time customers need to buy a development kit or starting kit before they can order separate tokens. Such a kit contains apart from one DEMO token or dongle, a manual, access to the full documentation, drivers and tools of the Software Development System.
  • The Starter Kit is the ideal solution for first time customers, since this kit contains the full SDK and includes 5 dongles or tokens ready for use. The dongles of the starter kit have their own unique password, which is different from the development kit which contains DEMO keys, that are identical for everybody.
  • ROCKEY dongles can be purchased using the unique Purchase Code that you will receive at your first order. This will ensure that every customer will receive their specific dongles with their own set of passwords.

All prices as mentioned are excluding VAT. Orders below € 300 will be added with €25 administration- and shipment costs, using ordinairy mail. Express delivery (such as DHL or FedEX) is possible, and will be charged accordingly.



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